Monday, 23 December 2013

Adding new LUN from VNX on Linux - part2

Ok, so you have established communication with storage system and server.
After your storage admin create and assign LUN to your server you can precede with adding that LUN in your server.
Procedure is same as in Adding new LUN from VNX on Linux - part1 with small differences.

After rescanning of FC and scsi bus your LUNZ should be automatically replaced with LUN. LUN will have same scsi ID as LUNZ. This is best case scenario.

In case that you do not see LUN you have to remove LUNZ from system and that do rescan of FC and scsi bus. Now that your system see new scsi block devices you can add new LUN to PowerPath.

#powermt config

This command checks for available EMC LUN and add those to PowerPath configuration list.

Now issue this command

#powermt display dev=all

and you will see new LUN in your PowerPath configuration.

And that is it!

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