Thursday, 5 December 2013

Huawei U8650 rooting and downgrade from Andorid 2.3.6 to 2.3.3

       I bought this phone almost 2 years ago through my telecom carrier. This was my first Android phone. I was so amazed how fast it is, how you could sync your mails accounts, how you have big screen to surf on web, in one word I was thinking that this is best phone in this price range.
But over time it became slower and slower due to new applications with higher memory usage and my subjective feeling that is more and more slow than before. Thing that especially annoyed me was that you can not uninstall application that you don't use such as FB, twitter,Documents to Go,etc.

Friend of mine rooted his U8650 and tell me that is totally different phone now, super fast, no hick ups.

So after a lot of thinking (what if something goes wrong,what if this, what if that,...) I finally decided that I should do rooting.

Friend recommended me web forum from where he rooted his phone.
So I started to do steps they recommended. Steps are:

01. Dial: *#*#2846579#*#*
02. Go to : projectmenu > background settings > log settings > log switch > select Log on
03. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > select USB Debugging
04. Restart phone
05. Download SuperOneClick v2.3.1
06. Connect phone tu computer
08. Install drivers for phone on computer. Here are link to drivers for WIN7 . WIN Xp drivers did not work for me
09. Start SuperOneClick and press ROOT button
10. Phone is rooted
11. Disable logging from step 2.

So I started to do these steps.
But when I start step 9 error occurred.

I repeated process few times but it always stops here. I first thought that this is memory card issue so I change it but same happened again.
My problem was that my phone was Android 2.3.6(customise for my telecom carrier) and SuperOneClick required Android 2.3.3. So if fisrt step if I wanted to root phone is to downgrade 2.3.6 to 2.3.3.
To downgrade Android is same as upgrade procedure. Recommendation is to downgrade it to official ROM and that is 2.3.3. Procedure for this is this:

01. Backup your contact, sms and generally things that is important to you
02. Unzip downloaded ROM
03. Copy folder dload to your sdcard. Inside of this folder is file Path to this file MUST be /dload/
04. Shutdown your phone
05. Press VOLUME+ , VOLUME - and POWER button together and hold it until installation start. It takes few seconds to start
06. Leave phone until it ends installation
07. Phone will reboot
08. You have U8650 with Android 2.3.3

For rooting, now repeat procedure with SuperOneClick.

Phone is rooted. And downgraded.

When I started to use phone now I count believe that this is same phone! I is super fast!  First there was no commercial application like FB, Tweeter and stuff like that. Because is Huawei, it still has Hi market (something like google play for China) and Huawei Music. Because this was phone was from telecom operator now I didn't have APN automatically set up. You can call your operator to send you these settings or you can insert them yourself. And one more important thing, there is no that slider that holds wi-fi,blue tooth, gprs, sync. And this is quite annoying because you can not fast turn on-off wifi, gprs, etc.

First impression on this clean 2.3.3 on Huawei U8650 is very, very good!!!

Things that annoyed me before downgrade and root is:
- when I am writing something ( sms ,notes, web, basically anything) I had delay off 2-3 seconds before letters start to show. Now there is no delay. 
- I coun't  use Viber because when I start it phone gets suuuupppeeeerrrr slllloooooowwwww. So slow that you could not use VIBER. Now Viber runs like Ferrari.
- Same thing with Skype

I compared with my colleagues my U8650 and theirs U8650 with telecom carrier 2.3.6. It is much, much, faster!

Before this I was considering of changing my phone but now ..... I stay with Huawei U8650!

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