Friday, 7 February 2014

Litecoin CPU mining comparison on old and new hardware

Yes, yes I know mining (major) digital currencies on CPU is pointless. Why? Because it just is. Time spent to generate any usable amount of money is toooooooo longggggg. What is usable amount of money? Well, let say that is 1$ that amount.

So question is how long it takes to generate 1$ from CPU mining by generating some digital currency? 

If your are reading this then you probably know that with CPU mining you can't(?) mine bitcoin. So I will focus on mining Litecoin.

In this post I will not talk about how to start Litecoin miner, proxy for miner, etc. There will be post about that(of course). :)

So, suppose that you already set up all that you need for Litecoin miner to work properly and that you are registered on some site with Litecoin pool.

I will run test on machines with different CPU's, different OS, and different platform (hardware vs. virtual).

If you are sysadmin in large data centre then you probably have some old hardware that is just laying around because time run them over or you have super new hardware that is not used to full capacity yet. If you do have above mention resources then you are probably wondering (as I did) how many coin can you really generate because it is shame that still (probably )usable hardware just lied around doing nothing.

Machine 1:HP dx7300
OS:XP SP3 32bit.
CPU: Pentium(R) D CPU 3,40GHz
Cores: 2
CPU socket: 1
total cores: 2
tread number in command: 2
Hash power:

 Machine 2: Dell PowerEdge 1600SC
OS: XP SP2 32 bit
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.40GHz
Cores: 2
CPU socket: 1
total cores: 2
tread number in command: 2
Hash power:

Machine 3: Dell PowerEdge 1750
OS:Windows Server 2003 32bit
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.40GHz
CPU socket: 2
Total cores: 4
tread number in command: 2 (because with tread number 4 hash rate was much slower)
Hash power:

As you see in above pictures, these hash rate are very, very slow.
And as can also see, hardware is ancient. So much for CPU mining on old hardware.

Let's see what happens if are hardware are bit newer!
Machine 4: HP BLxxx G7
OS:Windows 2003 x64
CPU: Xeon e7-4850 @2 GHz
CPU socket: 4
total cores: 16
tread number in command:16
Hash power:

As you can see, 16 cores of top server CPU is pretty much CPU power to me but as for CPU mining this is as you can see pretty slow.

I think that any dissent graphic card can generate more hash power than 16 cores of end level server CPU.
So conclusion is again


As for number's in dollars, they are something like this. 20 cores on Xeon e7-4850 @2 GHz can generate 0.0011 Litecoin per hour. Price today is 21$ per Litecoin so in one hour you can earn 

0.0011*21$=0.0231 $

So to earn 1 dollar you will have to mine 43 hours!

So as you can see CPU mining is pretty pointless even if you have end level CPU power!

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