Friday, 28 February 2014

Litecoin CPU mining comparison on old and new hardware - part 2

Well people, it turns out that I own you a big apologies on this subject.

I miss interpret CPU mining and hash/s power and what that means in previous post.

Hash power is show per thread, that is per CPU core. Usually this is same because in CPU there are one thread per core. In newer CPU there are 2 thread per core. So it is not same if you have 1kh/s per core and have 2 cores and 10 cores. Math is simples here, more thread with more hash power means faster finding of LTC block. This does not mean that you put option with 10 threads when you really have 2 or 4 thread.

Once again I am sorry for miss interpreting and fooling you.

Happy mining!!!   

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