Tuesday, 18 March 2014

HP mini 110 reboot procces stale SOLVED

I own one of these wonderful and powerful things, HP mini110. To be specific this model has mark


Windows XP is OS.

After perfect serving for 2 year, something strange start to happen. When I reboot the system, boot process stops at very beginning. I stops at a place when you can select to go in boot menu or to select boot order. And it just stops there. I also notice that when laptop don't have power for long time (more than a day) with battery out, when I start it, it starts with no problem! I case that I need to restart it right away, same issue appears.

My first suspecting was BIOS battery, because I had it for 2 years and God knows how long it was sitting in some warehouse waiting for me :) . So I change BIOS battery. And nothing happened. Issue persist.

Before this issue appeared few keys on my keyboard stop to work. I bought cheap keyboard from Ebay.com. I tough maybe this was issue.

Hm.... I tried to ignore my problem because I also noticed that when I but laptop in stand by, it starts normally.
I also formatted OS, reinstalled XP, issue persist. Installed Linux, issue persist.

I took out HDD,issue persist.
So it was no OS issue, no BIOS battery issue, no power issue, no keyboard, no HDD.
For some time I tried to ignore problem by simply not let it go out of power.

After few months of constant looking I laptop had enough power, I sad to my self IT IS ENOUGH - or sell it or fix it!

I read all forums about similar problems.

There were many solutions,I tried them all but nothing seams to resolve my problem!

Then, one day I came across one article, where some guy was talking that he resolve his similar by unplugging integrated web camera. What a stupid thing to do I thought while I was reading that. But then ... I remember that I had issues starting to work my web camera. It was working OK for some time and it just stopped. I never tried to fix it because I thought that if has to be driver issue.

So I dismantle my screen, unplugged web camera, start laptop and ...... IT STARTED TO WORK NORMALLY!!!

Anyway, web camera was malfunction and at some point this was so bad that during boot process when hardware components are being inspected it could not pass that inspection!

It has been 2 years since this and my small but tought laptop is still working like Swiss clock!

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