Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Going around NTP service and still get corrent time EXPLAINED!

We have one server running on RH 5.9 that have issues with ntp service.
Issue is, well, it is not working. We reinstall ntp package, restart service numerous times, change ntp servers but nothing worked. After sometime it just stops to work. It is pretty embarrassing when user is calling you and say "Can you please fix time because it is 4 hours late?!?!"
So how to fix this strange issue?

Ntpdate command is doing her thing so we simple put it in crontab!

Depending of how often you would like to have synchronisation with your ntp server, your crontab will be different from my crontab. I think that synchronisation interval should not be smaller that one hour.
Crontab looks like this

00 * * * * ntpdate ntp_server > /dev/null 2>&1

This done the tricks for me! I hope this helps you!

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