Thursday, 10 April 2014

HP DL 380 G5 overheating when turn off SOLVED and EXPLAINED!!!

One of are customers recently called as to report possible issue with HP DL 380 G5 server.

He is not using server at a moment so he turned him off. He notice that even server is turned off, he is still very warm and produce a lot of heat and from time time it becomes very loud! He suspect at power supply units to be malfunctioning!

It turns out that this is not issue at all. When HP design DL 380 G5 server series, he design them that even server is powered off, if power cables are plugged in power supply units are working. This has causing that server if hot even do it is turned off. When power supply unit reaches critical temperature, power supply fans start to work to reduce heat inside power supply unit. This was causing server to becomes loud from time to time!

Solution for this "issue" is if your server is turned off, unplugged power cables from him! This will save you some precious energy, air conditioning and it will make you server room more quite!

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