Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Installation of CWM Recovery on Huawei U8650

Why do we need this?
In case that we want to install some custom ROM version you need to have CWM Recovery installed.

Ok, so steps are: 
1.First how have to install driver for phone for OS to see it.
There are WinXp drivers and WIN7 drivers. For some reason I could not install CWM Recovery on win7 because it did not see android device. Maybe it will work for you.
2.Download CWM Recovery for U8650.
3.Unzip it. Go in unzip folder.
For me this is C:\Desktop\Recovery_Sonic_u8650_v6.0.1.0\Sonic_u8650
4. On your phone disable fast boot option.  

settings/application/fast boot/fast boot off

5. shutdown phone
6. press VOLUME DOWN + POWER button for 10s. Start up picture should appear after few seconds but hold buttons for 10seconds.

7. Connect phone to computer. Do nothing with phone
8. Install CWM Recovery by executing install-recovery-windows.bat. 
 CMD prompt will appear. In case that you can see message <waiting for device> your computer did not recognize you Android device. This means that your device is not recognised by your computer. This happened to me on Win7. On WinXP I did not have this issue.
9.Phone will reboot. CWM Recovery is installed.

Tip: Because there is no difference between Android phone and Android tablet in terms of Android OS (Android OS is same, hardware is different) you can (probably) install CWM Recovery on your tablet with following steps from 1 to 9.

To start CWM Recovery, shutdown phone, press VOLUME UP+POWER button.

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