Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Skype on Huawei U8650 working slow issue SOLVED!

In case that you want to use Skype on this phone there are one most important tip!



In case that your application is installed on SD card you will find nothing than trouble with it! It will take forever to open Skype and you will have slow response time for typing and speaking!
Big issue with Skype is that he caches your conversation on device that you are using. Do not be surprised if you see that you have 40MB or more of cached data. In case that you empty your cache, first time you log on Skype he will download your conversation and you will again have cache data issue. I don't know if big cache is reason for slow response time when application is on SD card but if you want to use Skype normally keep it on your phone!
When Skype on phone, I can speak normally and make conversation normally!

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