Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Viber microphone issue on Huawei Y300 SOLVED!

I case that you have bought Huwaei Y300 you probably want to use Viber for free calls and free texting.

In case that you install version that is offered on Google Play market yo might have few issue. I do not know what version is most recent and if this issue still exist but in case that you have issue with Viber calls this is how you will solve them.

There are two issues that is know of:
1. for Viber calls microphone on Y300 do not work. You can normally hear your caller but he/she cannot hear you. Text messages goes normally.
2. Normal calls terminates after 15-20 seconds

In case that you have these problems, do following thing:
1. Deinstall Viber
2. Download this specific version of Viber. Search for this file on Google Viber_2.2.2.22.apk
Transfer this file to SD card or phone memory.
3.Install application installer on your phone. You can use Google Play for this. There are may different application for this. I used this one App Installer Apk.
4. Run App Installer Apk application. This application will scan you phone and SD card memory for .apk files. Find files will be presented to you. Select Vibber apk. Install it.
5. Run Viber.

After I installed this version, normal call issue never repeat, Viber calls worked normal-microphone now worked normal.

In case that Google play as you to update Viber it is wise to listen number 6. step.

6. Do not update Viber when asked!

Why? In case that issue with microphone returns after Viber update, you will have to repeat steps from 1. to 6.


Boris Bardak said...

With kernel version 3.4.0-perf-gf909b34-00170-ga479003 and latest Viber version from Google play (version everything works fine!

Anonymous said...

This is now working on specifiend version!

Boris Bardak said...

Ofter over a week of using viber, I had to deinstall it. VIber mic issue re-apear.
I will thy with lower version number.