Monday, 26 May 2014

IBM WebSphere Application Server and Web Plugin for Apache on Linux - part 1

There will be several parts on this subject!
I will focus more on setting up Web plug in for Apache.


WebSphere Application Server(WAS) is name for IBM solution for web based application solution.
It is Java based server.
Administration of  can be done through web browser or console. It is a lot easier to administrate if through web browser(more user friendly).
On WAS you can start several different application.
You can access these applications directly


or by accessing web server that is connected (or associated) with WAS.

One WAS server can be connected with more that one web server.
Picture below may help you understand this logic.

You can think of these web servers as interfaces to approach your application that is running on WAS.

Ok, so lets create test environment. We need to install WAS on server1, Apache server on server2.

Installation of WAS

To install most recent WAS version( first you need to install IBM application called Installation Manager(IM). Earlier version did not need IM for installation of WAS. I can't find now link to this on IBM site(it took a quite some time to find it).
Package name is

Installation of Installation Manager:
1.this is hardest part.Find (damn) package
2.copy it to server. location is /opt/1
server1#cd /opt/1
server1:/opt/1 # ls
Offerings  features   install   jre_6.0.0.sr9_20110208_03  repository.config userinst  groupinst   install.ini  license                    repository.xml userinst.ini configuration  groupinst.ini   install.xml   native               silent-install.ini       userinst    groupinstc      installc      plugins                    tools               userinstc.ini documentation   groupinstc.ini  installc.ini  readme_1.6.2.html  user-silent-install.ini program install
TIP: to install it you need to have Java of course!
TIP: if you do not have graphical environment on your server, you need to have it to install IM or WAS


Follow steps.
After installation is finished, you can start IM.

server1:#cd /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse

From here you can install all other IBM WAS products.

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