Sunday, 4 May 2014

Turn old android phone in to ....

.... torrent client!In my case old phone is Huawei U8650!
What to do?
You can install some custom ROM but this is not necessary. I did this because I wanted to make my phone application free as possible!

OK, for torrent client part. I installed atorrent application from Google play.
How to start downloading?
1. Go to some torrent site(in my case through web browser
2. find what you want, click on magnetic icon. atorrent application will start. This will ask you where do you want to download torrent file. Choose location.
3. If download do not start automatically, go to file manager,find torrent file you have downloaded and click on it. This will start atorrent application. Start download.

In atorrent application you have few important options. I think that most important is to choose that downloads only use wi-fi connection and not GRPS.

Of course, depending of size of your sd card you will need to delete/transfer files from it more or less frequent.

You may wonder what is point in using your (old) phone as torrent client?
My points are:
1. phone is always on
2. in many coffe shops or caffes or somewhere where you have free wi-fi you may have much faster internet than you have in you home

Good luck! :)    

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