Monday, 9 June 2014

How to clear FAULT BATTERY status on APC UPS TRICK! :)

In case that you have APC SMARTUPS  series, then you know that from time to time UPS is doing self-test!

In case that you did not do that much into details, here are few things you should know!

1. Self-test is test of UPS where all that should be tested is put to test. This is scheduled task to 7 or 14 days but there is option NEVER. From my experience, you should not turn off self-test! Why, because failed self-test is usually first indication that you have faulty battery in UPS or that your battery capacity is bad.
2. If self-test is not runed from time to time depending of type of UPS, your battery capacity will be wrongly showned!
3. During UPS powering on self-test is also done!

Ok, so if your self-test failed and you status is Batteries discharged or that you have on faulty battery 

here is a trick that works for me!

Go to Diagnostic
 and repeat self-test! If you battery is not that bad, your selt-test will ends with success and faulty battery status will be cleared!

From my experience, if self-test failed from 6 to 8 time during this repeat, there is no other way than to call support for battery changing!

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