Monday, 30 June 2014

How to install vmware-tools on Linux

Here is procedure ho to install vmware-tools on Linux VM that are running on vmware platform!

Your VM administrator must mount vmware tools iso to your vm machine!
When he do that, then you can procede!

Log in to your Linux VM server. You have to be root to install this!

First mount that vmware tools CD

server# mount /dev/cdrom-hdc /mnt/
mount: block device /dev/cdrom-hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
 server#cd /mnt/

Because this is read-only files system you have to untar this file somewhere where you can write!

server#cp VMwareTools-8.3.2-257589.tar.gz /opt
server#cd /opt
server#tar xzvf VMwareTools-8.3.2-257589.tar.gz
VMwareTools-8.3.2-257589.tar.gz  vmware-tools-distrib
server# cd vmware-tools-distrib/
server# ls
bin  doc  etc  FILES  INSTALL  installer  lib

Follow the procedure! There is little or no interaction! Just press Enter!
After installation is finished, new process will apear in /etc/init.d!

After you finished installation you can delete these files and unmount /mnt and that cdrom!

For vmware platform to be aware of installed vmware-tools  on some VM, on Linux machines, reboot is needed! Because of this, it is very wise to install vmware-tools during installation of OS!

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