Monday, 23 June 2014

How to test if your zabbix server receive data from zabbix client EXPLAINED!

Ok, so you have installed zabbix agent on your server. Process zabbix client is up and running but does zabbix server start to receive data from it?

Simplest way to this is to connect to your zabbix server and iniate zabbix_get command! With this command can get to see data from zabbix client!

How to do this?

zabbix_server#zabbix_get -s IP_ZABBIX_CLIENT -k ZABBIX_ITEM

Zabbix item can be any item that is using on zabbix client!

If you client is on IP address and then command will look like this!

# zabbix_get -s -k agent.version

In case that you see something like this, then this means that you have communication between zabbix server and zabbix client!

In case that you have this error

zabbix_server#zabbix_get -s -k agent.version
zabbix_get [30914]: Timeout while executing operation

check IP address of your zabbix client, if you can even connect to that server or if that server is alive!

If your error is this

zabbix_server# zabbix_get -s -k agent.version
zabbix_get [31561]: Get value error: cannot connect to [[ ]:10050]: [111] Connection refused

server is alive but zabbix agent is not installed, not running or firewall is blocking it!

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