Monday, 2 June 2014

IBM WebSphere Application Server and Web Plugin for Apache on Linux - part 4

Ok, so we installed all components.

Now we just have to make them work together.

Steps are:
1. Connect on WAS.
 Go to Servers/Server type/Web server.

There you will see web servers that are associated with WAS

2. On server2 do next:

server2# cd /opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins1/bin/
server2# ls   crossPlatformScripts    

Script copy on server1:/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ .
Execute script there.
After you do this, you new web server will appear in WAS. If this do not happen, restart WAS.

After web server webserver1 appear on WAS under, select it and click on Generate Plug-in. After this is done you will see this

on top of your page.
Replace plugin-cfg.xml from server1 on server2://opt/IBM/WebSphere/Plugins1/config/webserver1/

Restart web server on server2.

And this will be all to it.

How to test it? Well, in documentation they say that you should try to connect on application snoop on WAS.
First, test if application is running on WAS


and then try to connect on snoop through web server


You should see have same response!

And that is it. You managed to access WAS application through web server on different machine!

In case of trouble, check this:
1. iptables
2. location of plugin-cfg.xml
3. check htttpd.conf and see last two lines. In these lines you have location of plugin-cfg.xml and mod*.so module.

I hope that this will help you!

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