Thursday, 14 August 2014

change alf_data location Alfresco - SOLVED

By default alf_data location is in alfresco_home folder. In case that you want to change ald_data location to have to find it first.
For this to change there are few thing that you need to know. In alfresco there are few location that you can change things and in some cases official documentation is just not good enough.
So, how to change alf_data location? Directive that you need to find is called dir.root. 
This is located in alfresco_home/tomcat/shared/classes/
By default dir.root is


To change location simply do this

For this to work alf_data folder has to be owned by alfresco user and alfresco group.

server#cd new_location
server#chown -R alfresco:alfresco alf_data

Restart application after you are finished. In case that you did something wrong, alfresco application will not start. In this case, check alfresco.log located in alfresco_home.

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