Monday, 15 September 2014

External backlinks using forum signature - EXPLAINED!

If you want to earn money from ads on your web site, you have to have good visit! To have good visit, you have to have good SEO, external backlinks and internal backlinks for search engine to show your site on first page or second page. Higher your rank is chances that someone visit your site,blog or tube channel are higher!
One of best ways to build external backlinks are using forums that allow signature that can be link to your web page! What does this means? It means that every time you comment something on forum, below your comment there will be link to your web page!
How to insert that signature? It all depends of software that is used for forum. Most common way is by inserting BBcode in signature area.
Go to your profile settings or settings called profile on forum and in signature are insert this code


Click SAVE and that is it!
How this will look like? Body of your comment will look like this


You can alter a bit your signature and use this code!

In this case your comment body will look like this


These days backlinks from forums are not worth much but any backlink is better that no backlink!


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