Friday, 19 September 2014

HP Proliant Server power supply mismatch issue

In case that you insert by mistake power supply that is not for your HP Proliant server you will see "Power Supply mismatch" message. In case that you are wondering "how do you mean not for my server? But that power supply can fit inside my server!" Yes, it can fit but output power is not appropriate for you server. From my experience, there is 750W and 1100W power supply. In case that you mixed these two everything will work find until you need to reboot your system! And that during hardware check this error message will appear

 "Power Supply mismatch"

After this server will halt and there is nothing you can do. How to start your server then? Well if you have two power supply( one original from server and another from some other server that is not appropriate for server) take out power supply that is not from your server. After you do this, your server will pass hardware check and your system will boot but your power supply will not be redundant! 

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