Friday, 22 May 2015

What responsive mean in web site world?

A few days ago, Google finally change it's ranking mechanism and started to count if your web site is responsive or not! If you are simple "dumb" web admin, then you probably don't know what that means. By "dumb" I mean you are person who uploads posts, images, videos and you technical knowledge about web sites is limited.

What responsive web site means?

Responsive web site means that web site can adjust to viewer device. Meaning? These days devices that can look web site are phones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, PC. Have I mention it all? Before smart phones,tablets and netbooks came there were just a PC and laptop. PC have 100% of market but over time laptops become affordable. Same thing happend with tables and smart phones. Major difference between all these devices? Screen size! It's not the same when you look something on display that is  320x480, 600x800, 768x1024 or 1366x768.  Over time PC from majority became minority in terms of devices. Because of this, philosophy in web pages changed. People are more into mobile devices with smaller screens! Because of these, issues like not seeing whole page on small screen start to bother more and more people! And then programmers start to make web pages that can adopt to screen site of the device! So no matter on what you are looking web page, you will see all content! That means responsive!

Lets see what this means on two examples!

Here is one responsive 

and one non responsive web site

Try to open both sites on your tables and PC and you will know why responsive web sites are a very good and smart thing!

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