Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to change iLo hostname on HP Proliant servers - SOLVED and EXPLAINED

In case you have or administrating HP Proliant servers then you probably know what iLo is. iLo is short from integrated Light-out. On every HP server there is a small chip where iLo is located. So what is iLo? iLo is some kind of hardware monitoring web GUI. iLo is always working but to approach  to iLo you need IP address. There is default username and password that is located on small paper card that comes with server. Default username is Administrator and password is 8 character random combination of letters and number. Remember that password is case sensitive. It is wise NOT to change password for user Administrator. It is wise to create new user.  

What is iLo hostname? 

how to change ilo hostname hp proliant

This in red square is iLo hostname. Basically, it is name of iLo chip. You can name it Chip if you like but it is wise that iLo hostname is same as server hostname? Why? Well, think of this situation. You need to reboot server called server1 that has iLo address You will see above picture. Here you can see iLo firmware version and iLo hostname. Does iLo hostname ILOFAKENAME mean anything to you? Usually, it does not. So you log in and reboot the server. 20 seconds later you CTO call and ask why server server2 is down. Yea, you rebooted wrong server. That is wise to change iLo hostname to server name.

Ok. Lets change iLo hostame on HP Proliant server.
Step1. Login to iLo. You will see something like this
how to change ilo hostname hp proliant

Step2. Go to Network on left menu.
how to change ilo hostname hp proliant

Step3. Change iLo Subsystem Name(Host Name) to name you will be familiar with. For this test we will change it to myserver. 
how to change ilo hostname hp proliant

For these changes to take affect you have to reset iLo chip. This has absolutely no effect on server. THIS WILL NOT REBOOT SERVER BUT ONLY iLO chip.

Step4. Wait for iLo to reset and see this changes.
how to change ilo hostname hp proliant
That is it. This takes only few minutes to change but can really save you a lot of time.

Or you can see this on Youtube!


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