Thursday, 2 February 2017

CX framework - new framework for data-oriented applications based on React - first impressions

Few days ago I was called by my friend to attend presentation of something called CX, new product from small software company from Banja Luka called Codaxy. They are small but tough :) and they are pretty good in what they do!

What is CX framework? 


CX is framework. What frameworks do? They make developers live much, much easier!

So where is CX? In talk with one of the founder of Codaxy, Marko Stijak. CX is somewhere beetween Angular and VUE on one side and React on other side!

Because, I am not a developer, I really can't talk about all technical details and stuff but you could take a look at CX framework in action! In case you have any questions you can contact guys from Codaxy!

Here is link for  CX -

There are lots of examples, demos on their home page...


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